Meet the SGN Staff

Ever wonder who was behind the awesome work at Structure Gaming? Below you will a list of our hard working and dedicated staff. Feel free to reach out to them either through social media, or email.

Billy “Qwicksilv3r” Nichols
President & Chief Executive Officer

Billy Nichols (Qwicksilv3r), is the Owner and one of the founding members of Structure Gaming and animal rescue charity, Kolbys Kause. Billy is an accomplished gaming
journalist who has worked with the likes of Digital Noob, Analoghype, The Electric Sistahood and Shifted Productions. He is also the host of Structure Gaming’s video show The
Blueprint and an avid Halo fan as well as the Captain of Halo teams The Silv3rHawks and Sworn Enemy.

Twitter: @TXPQwicksilv3r
Xbox Live Gamertag: TXP Qwicksilv3r
PSN ID: Quicksilver_BTG
Instagram: TXP_Qwicksilv3r


Jennifer Gaylord
VPO/Owner/Technical Director

I suck at writing about myself.

Top 3 Games: Kingdom Hearts, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Mass Effect Trilogy
Favorite System: PC
Twitter: @Phoenixfire2912
box Live Gamertag: Phoenixfire0729
Steam ID: Phoenixfire2912


Nick Shively
Site Director

Nick Shively was born and raised in Midland, Michigan but is now a resident of Tempe, Arizona and attending the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. He spent 4 years in the US Army as a Senior Intelligence Analyst, including 2 years deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Top 3 Games: StarCraft, Final Fantasy VII, League of Legends
Favorite System: PC
Twitter: @Nick_Shively


Rob Sparacino
Editor In Chief

Born and raised on the streets I was raised only playing one game- the game of survival. Now, as a young man I tend to focus more on video games. I’m a Sony fan through and through although I respect and appreciate all competitors. Now is just the perfect time to be a gamer.

Top 3 Games: Time Splitters: Future Perfect, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Portal 2
Favorite System: PS3 / PS4
Twitter: @bobbomb


Rhianon Bloodgood
Lead Design/Associate Editor

Playing video games since she could get her hands on a controller, Rhianon has grown up with a great love for everything gaming. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Production Animation, she plans on graduating and jumping into the video game and design industry with a lot of enthusiasm. Other than gaming, she enjoys reading, graphic design and travelling, and plans to travel whenever she gets the chance.

Top 3 Games: Final Fantasy IX, Saints Row IV, To the Moon
Favorite System: PlayStation 2
Twitter: @rhiabloodgood
Steam ID: rhiabloodgood
Xbox Live Gamertag: Rhia2705


Adam James House
Senior Editor

“Do your words improve upon the silence?” A chaotic combination of logic and creativity, Adam balances persistence and patience through all facets of life in hopes of uniting the gaming community.

Top 3 Games: Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intentions, Persona 4, Demon’s Souls
Favorite System: Playstation
Twitter: @Shazeio7


Erik Perez
Senior Editor

An avid gamer for as long as he can remember, Erik simply loves gaming. Erik is currently working towards a degree in Journalism and enjoys surrounding himself in the gaming culture. In off times, he enjoys playing games (obviously), reading comic books and listening to/playing music.

Twitter: @CaptHighball
Xbox Live Gamertag: Capt Highball
Wii U: Highball
Steam: CaptHighball


Jared Gropper
Senior Editor

Jared is a digital design and multimedia major with a passion for gaming going back as far as he can remember. A gamer at heart, most days are spent either learning and practicing how to make and design video games, or playing them. His studies included advertising, character, and 3D landscape design. Over the past six years, Jared has found inspiration for his work in the architecture and design of the Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock series’ respectively.

Twitter: @JaredSGN
PSN: Gen_John_Connor
Steam/LoL: Heroth


Troy Arnold
Community Manager

Troy Arnold is the Community Manager for Structure Gaming and inventor of the Structure Shake. He is a life long gamer, and has been mouthing off to anyone who will listen to him speak about his passion since he was just a lad. He is currently a PR & Marketing Grad student attending Central Conn. State. He is also a musician and movie buff, who occasionally writes film and music reviews for Structure. Little secret, he has the strength of a bear, that has the strength of two bears.

Twitter: @TheArnold_SoM
Instagram: Castor_Troy21
PSN: Castor_Troy21
Xbox Live: Castor Troy21(no underscore)


Jill Skoblenick
Associate Editor

Curently studying as a 3D animator to work in the gaming industry.

Top 3 Games: Halo 3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, LittleBigPlanet
Favorite System: PC
Twitter: @JillSkoba


Will Royster
Associate Editor

His favorite word is “boing.”

Top 3 Games: World of Warcraft, Mass Effect, Call of Duty
Favorite System: Xbox / Playstation
Twitter: @Royster92


Zachary “Crash” Ronson
Associate Editor

Zachary “Crash” Ronson is a twenty year old video game afficiando, budding journalist, and aspiring creative writer currently taking Creative Writing courses online at Full Sail University. He’s a born and raised Michigander currently living in Florida who really wants to see snow again in real life, has an unusual fondness for all things “so bad it’s good”, and wants nothing more than to simply give someone somewhere on this planet a smile with his writings. He also has a fascination with diminuitive pastel-colored cartoon equines.

Top 3 Games:  Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Sonic Adventure 2
Genres of Choice: Platformers (2D or 3D), First Person Shooters, Experimental.
Favorite System: PC
Twitter: @CrashiePegasus