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Top 5 Games Likely to Disappoint in 2014


With 2014 in full swing, It’s time time to evaluate the current lineup in the gaming industry. If you haven’t had the chance to look at the following games, have no fear! There are any number of reasons why a game can seem great initially and turn into something we hate weeks after it releases. Last minute changes, unfinished ideas, or drastic changes in theme and game mechanics (Dragon Age 2); any number of issues could change a game for better or worse. Disappoint is a hard word to give these titles, depending on how you perceive the disappointment. Not delivering in a way that was expected like advertising to be something that a game isn’t during actual gameplay (as some felt with Bioshock Infinite) can cause serious uproars in the community. So without further ado, let me present the top 5 games I believe could disappoint this year.


The Elder Scrolls Online

There has been an uneding amount of buzz for this game. Doesn’t seem out of the normal though, considering the magnitude of what we’re talking about. An entirely single – player experience is being transitioned into an MMO, drastically increasing the number of real people higher than..one. ESO is being handled by Zenimax, who have held confident about their ability to create truly great MMOG from the single player universe created by Bethesda. Now, without trying to bash them, ESO was placed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement[NDA]. The problem with a move like this, is that putting a closed beta game under NDA usually means that the creators are worried that if people saw their game, they wouldn’t buy it. Which is counter active of what a developer should want to do. Closed betas are great, no harm no foul, but they serve as a way to garner interest to those who could not get into those betas, which isn’t the case with ESO.


It’s quite possible that this will be every generic MMO we have already seen from the gaming market currently available with a few “This is Elder Scrolls” reminders in terms of characters, items, places, and events. It’s only natural that everyone would WANT a game like this to succeed, but what we want is often not what we get. Here’s to hoping the best for Zenimax and Bethesda, as their business model has an initial pay fee, as well as a monthly charge. Talos guide you.

Dragon Age Inquisition

I can’t begin to talk about how excited I am for this game! Back in my high school years, I remember spending nearly an entire summer in my friends room playing Dragon Age: Origins and nothing else. There was too much to love about each different class and story combination, as well as the gameplay tactics, and relationships between party members. It’s like the fantasy version of a sci fi favorite known as Mass EffectDragon Age 2 came out and surprised the hell out of nearly everyone looking at the sequel. For some that was a good surprise, but for many it was not. Now, with Inquisition extending its neck out, preparing to launch, it’s natural that we are all holding, or not, our breath in hopes that the next installment fulfills our hopes.


The team at Bioware was rushed in their sequel, but this time they may have the time they need to create the experience they know the fans want and deserve. With the amount of freedom in exploration, customization in your character, the inquisitor, and control in how your party members which I assume are the agents they speak of in the above trailer, I have high hopes. Everything that I have just mentioned is exactly why Inquisition is likely to be one of the biggest disappointments for this year. I hope to the Maker that I am forced to eat those words.

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About: Adam House

“Do your words improve upon the silence?” A chaotic combination of logic and creativity, Adam balances persistence and patience through all facets of life in hopes of uniting the gaming community.

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  • mph23

    I would add Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls to this list. Something makes me feel it’s not going to be anywhere near the awesome that D2:LoD was. Another one I was worried about was South Park: The Stick of Truth. Although, I’ve been reading reviews today, and it seems like it’s a winner.

  • raudskeggr

    “Now, without trying to bash them, ESO was placed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement[NDA]. The problem with a move like this, is that putting a closed beta game under NDA usually means that the creators are worried that if people saw their game, they wouldn’t buy it. Which is counter active of what a developer should want to do. Closed betas are great, no harm no foul, but they serve as a way to garner interest to those who could not get into those betas, which isn’t the case with ESO.”

    As someone who has participated in that closed beta, I can’t say much; but I feel the need to respond to this. The game will sell. I am pretty confident of that. NDAs are a pretty standard procedure with any kind of beta test of a high-budget AAA title like this; but I have seen no indication that Bethesda is doing it to /hide/ anything. So don’t worry about that. And as to it garnering interest? Well, frankly, It has. I have been mercilessly quizzed by others about what the game is like. Of course, since I’m bound by the aforementioned NDA, I can’t actually say a thing.

    But I will say that from what I have observed of other games in development with NDAs and closed betas, The NDAs are flaunted quite regularly: and in the process rumors and hype become self-generating with regard to the game.

    Bethesda as a studio has it’ strengths and weaknesses, but at the end of the day their games almost always have a high immersion and fun factor; that’s what makes those of us who are fans of their games fans to begin with. All indications I see suggest that ESO will deliver in that regard.

    • Adam

      Thank you for being active in our chat! Anyways, I know I was kind of harsh with ESO. Consider all the money that Morrowind and Oblivion made, and then consider that Skyrim only had 73 voice actors..that’s pretty cheap in my opinion for a game with as many npc’s as that game has. Skyrim was a great game, but it didn’t have the impact that its hype supposes. Now with ESO, the game feels too much like a regular mmo with some Elder Scrolls “Theme” over the top. It just doesn’t feel like they are bringing enough to the table for ESO to be worth subscribing for unless you’re a huge fan of the series. ESO has no doubt gained plenty of attention, just not the kind that I initially hoped it would. I wanted this game to get more positive feedback than it has, but yes it has gotten plenty of attention.

      I still disagree about the NDA specifically with ESO. I think if more companies and customers saw what ESO is, they might be deterred, or less worried about its competition.

      • MotherShipton

        I have been involved in beta testing TESO, and now the NDA has been removed, I have to say that the game is actually much better than I had expected. I know that across the web there are people slating it on forums and in the comments sections of articles about the game, but tbh, this seems to me more to do with the fact that they enjoy trolling than giving a reasonable argument against the game. There have been bugs during beta, which many vociferously complained about (but hey its was in beta and that’s what beta testing is about – discovering and flagging bugs not playing the game as if it were retail ready). it is also important to remember that many people including journalists never got past the start of the game, and are basing their opinions on what little they saw. That’s a crying shame because the game is so much more than the opening levels. Before you slate it, please try the game properly, you’ll need to get to at least level 10 so that you can sample both PVE and PVP before you can make an informed decision about whether you think the game will stand up to the hype or not…. just saying :)

        • Adam

          It’s also important to remember that opinions exist and they do matter. This article was written almost 3 months ago. That’s three months of patching and doing other things like that. I agree that there is a lot more to the game now than just the opening levels and anyone interested in playing ESO should use the per-month pay to fully explore the game so that they get a good grasp of what they can expect. I know PvP specifically has been very exciting for many people, though it’s not really my style. Thanks ;)

  • Manuel Granados

    I liked Dragon’s Dogma a lot. Just hated that there was no fast travel and you had to walk back and forth over and over and over again. It killed it for me, the sheer amount of time I spent going to places kind of ruined it for me.
    Regarding ESO my problem is the monthly fee thing on a MMORPG for consoles. We will already be paying PS+/Gold, add the 60 bucks for the game plus the monthly fee. And content patches are not something that common in the console world (Diablo 3 is bereft of any additionals). But we’ll see how it turns out.

  • Laser

    Everyone with a brain knows ES:O will be a disappointment. Regarding Dragon Age, I’m currently playing it, so far beat the campaign and Awakening, but where does the story go in 2 and Inquisition? I probably won’t even bother with the sequel as it drifts from the first massively.

    • Adam

      I think if you skip 2 you’ll be fine, but Inquisition looks to be something glorious.