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Why Gamer Gurls Give Gamer Girls a Bad Name



If you are a part of the gaming community on any of the major social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, you’ve more than likely seem a plethora of images lately of girls in scantly clad attire, sporting controllers and asking for free games. It is usually around the holidays that these so called “Gamer Gurls” come out of the woodwork in mass hordes to seduce and ultimately leech off of nerds and geeks looking for a little attention. This isn’t anything new, and we all know a girl (or guy) who will use their appearance to scam someone interested in them. But how does this fare for actual Gamer Girls, the ones who can lay down the hurt on any male gamer, and who are vital cogs in the gaming industry machine?

In my many years in this industry, I’ve come across some amazing Gamer Girls (and I use Girls to denote those who actually play, not post pics in their underwear) who have not only helped women become recognized in the industry, but have helped progress the industry as a whole. They are dedicated to their sport, whether it be Call of Duty, Battlefield, or even Indie games. They go to the competitions, they write for major sites, they have their own YouTube channels showing off the newest and greatest games. They truly are professionals, and deserve all of the recognition they receive. But sometimes, they get lumped in with the “Gamer Gurls” just because they like to post cosplay pics, or like to show off that Gamer Girls can be physically attractive too. It is them that suffer because of these leeches.

women xbox envy controllers 3456x5184 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_23To give you an example of what I’m talking about, I will refer to something I saw this morning when I pulled up Facebook. Someone claiming to be a “Gamer Girl,” who is always known for posting bikini pictures, bra and panty pictures, as well as highly seductive pictures, posted a link to their Amazon Wish List in the hopes of having their list fulfilled. I’m not against posting your Wish List, but when you are constantly asking for free things, while providing nothing of substance to the community, you are NOT a Gamer Girl. Instead, you are a Gamer Gurl, a leech, an infestation that needs to be dealt with before you spread. I’m sure these Gurls will fire back at me saying that I don’t have to buy them anything, and they are absolutely correct. I don’t, and I won’t give in to their behavior. However, they know that nerds and geeks have a reputation of loneliness, and that they can be easily manipulated as a result of their introvertedness, and that is what they play on. You can say it’s the nerds fault for being a sucker, but that is like saying because I was carrying my wallet in my hand that I deserve to be beaten up and mugged.

I once had a former gamer girl offer to send me topless pictures of her in exchange for a copy of BioShock: Infinite. I watched as someone would talk dirty to guys in order to acquire a copy of Diablo III, and even managed to get a Playstation 3 in this manner. ┬áThese were some of my first impressions of the Gamer Girl community when I got back into the industry, and I was wrong to have that impression. There really are Gamer Girls, and some of them are drop dead gorgeous, and definitely don’t deserve to be treated like they are nothing more than Gamer Gurls. They are the ones getting a bad reputation because of this socially accepted practice. Look at clans like Ladies 2 Die For, or even the Frag Dolls. These are all gamers, and real gamers. Sure, they are almost all easy on the eyes, but that isn’t what they are about. They are about laying the smack down on your ass, not by showing you pictures of their ass in a thong.

It’s time we give the real Gamer Girls the recognition they deserve, and we start ignoring the leeching Gamer Gurls who do nothing but hurt growth of women in the industry. To the real Gamer Girls, I salute you. To the despicable Gamer Gurls, get a life and get a real job. You may find actually working for a living is more satisfying than trying to maintain an image that will fade with time.



About: Jay Couture

Jay is not only the Editor-In-Chief at Structure Gaming, but a father of three gaming boys as well. 90% of the time you can find him NOT playing the latest PC games, but tweaking them to the ends of the earth to gain every last bit of performance he can get. He is an avid PC gamer, who has a flair for RPG's, Shooters, and anything with a decent story. You can hit him up on Steam @ NeoLithicX, on Xbox Live as NeoLithicJay, or follow his progress on Raptr as NeoLithicX.

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