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Playstation 4 Impressions Roundup

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The Dual Shock 4

The Dual Shock 3 was previously my favorite controller to date besides the classics such as the SNES or the Gamecube so it would be only natural that its predecessor would feel just as great, right? Nope, it feels even better than I could have imagined. I know that I may be in a camp of my own when I say that I truly did not like the Xbox 360 controller. It felt bulky and the d-pad was just a total mess. The Dual Shock 3 however, was sexy, sleek and felt great to hold. It may be just because I was so used to the Sony controller, but it just felt right. The Dual Shock 4 improves upon features that I didn’t know needed fixing until now.

Let’s get this out of the way first- Yes, Sony added triggers to their controller and they do feel amazing. As someone who never had a problem with the original shoulder buttons, I was a little skeptical on how they could be improved. These triggers just feel right. It might be a little difficult to describe how, but you really need to get your hands on them to feel for yourself.

Who would have thought that adding a tough pad to a console controller would make for some unque and interesting game play experiences? There really has not been anything groundbreaking yet, but what is there is pretty entertaining. Using the touch pad in Sonys Playroom is fun and perfect for showcasing what it can really do. So far the games I have played with the touch pad are nothing too special, but the possibilities of what it can do really excite me.

Sony has added an options and share button to the controller and while they may appear foreign in concept, you get used to them rather quickly. The Share button is probably the most exciting feature of the entire PS4. Believe me, I will be streaming like a mofo once I can do so properly.There is also an options button, which is pretty much the exact same thing as the start button from the previous controller.

It really seems as though Sony does not want to accept defeat with the Playstion Move brand. Why not add a light sensor to the back of the controller? I mean, yes its pretty cool and has a few different functions, but is it all that necessary? Not really. Honestly though, this addition doesn’t really bother me. If it can add a new layer of depth to game play in a positive and meaningful way, then sure I am all for it. Otherwise, there really is no need for the light sensor. I do appreciate that the light is used in a unique way with a few titles, such as flashing when getting shot or dying, but there needs to be an option to turn the light of. The light on the bottom of this controller can almost illuminate an entire small room. These are not terrible concerns of mine, but I can see how they could be an annoyance to some.

Overall: Sony created a fantastic controller for its brand new console. The Dual Shock 4 is my new favorite gaming controller.


The Playstation Camera

I know, I actually went out and purchased one of these, but you know what? It is pretty cool. Unique functions and a slight competitive angle with Microsoft’s Kinect gives me some hope for this peripheral. While not exactly perfect, the camera still has some pretty impressive tech behind it. After the initial setup the camera was instantly able to recognize me just by sitting in front of it with my controller. This automatically signs me in with quick access to my setup. The picture quality take a major leap over the Playstation Eye camera, but is not quite on par with Microsoft’s Kinect. So far, the camera seems to be able to track facial recognition as well as some body movement. The microphone inside the camera is also a great addition. This function allows the player to issue a few commands that orders the Playstation system to perform a certain function such as playing a game, going to a menu or a few other functions. I previously had no idea that this was even a function that the camera had, but now I use it quite frequently.  The accuracy of the voice recognition seems to work quite well also with about 80 percent of what I was saying actually registering. That’s pretty impressive.

Overall: The camera is a welcome addition alongside the PS4, but there may not be enough to warrant a purchase just yet.

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