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What’s the Word? What is Your Favorite Game of the Last Generation?

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Welcome to another edition of What’s the Word? After a long hiatus, I decided to make my return a great one. My topic for today’s segment will be one that I am sure you all saw coming. With the release of the next-gen, now current generation systems, many gamers will surely have fond memories of past games and consoles. Oh, it seems like it was just yesterday I was playing the classics such as Grand Theft Auto IV and The Last of Us…. Actually, that was yesterday. Alright, so the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are just as alive as ever. What about the Wii, you ask? Well, technically it does count, but many would argue that it doesn’t hold a candle next to the Sony’s and Microsoft’s hardware. With that in mind, I look back fondly on the games of an amazing generation. I ask the gaming community as well as Structure Gaming’s own what they feel is the best game of the last generation. This means anything from the launch of the Xbox 360 up until this very moment. Some of the answers were a bit surprising as I would not have even thought to place them so high on my list. Without further ado I bring to you…What’s the Word?

Jay Couture- “Mass Effect – Never before has a gaming trilogy provided such an captivating storyline that had you anxiously awaiting the next release. You really felt as though you were Shepard, and that the fate of the universe truly was in your hands. Offering beautiful cutscenes, amazing voice acting, and progress carry-over from prior games, the Mass Effect Trilogy is hands down the best of the last generation.”

Michael Sparacino- “Other than Call of Duty…It has to be Left for Dead 1 and 2. The reason is because it was a game that you can play with randoms and it was heavily based on co-op or die. It has good graphics and the game changes every game. And then they integrated PVP multiplayer and that was amazing even as it was.”

Adam House- “Dark Souls. Everything you did affected the ‘World State’ of the game. Every item had a meaningful description, and uncovered a pinch more of the lore covering Lordran. A new, intuitive multiplayer system was in place, featuring a combat system other games have yet to perfect.”

Jill Skoblenick- “Mario Kart Wii. As much as I want to say brawl, the online play was terrible. MK’s online is almost flawless, and it’s nice being able to bring a friend with you.”

Erik Perez- “Mass Effect to me, was hands down the best game of last gen. It really opened my eyes to a vast galaxy that was so new to me at the time. While the combat may not be the best especially compared to sequels, the first game laid the foundation for what was the come for them. Exploring the universe as Commander Shepard for the first time is not something I’ll soon forget.”

Michael Pasqua- “That’s a tough question, there’s a LOT of titles, but the one I wanna say I  saw myself constantly playing was actually between two titles-Disgaea 3 and Bayonetta. Both gave me constant hours of fun. Bayonetta with all her kick-ass moves and sex appeal and Disgaea 3 with the loveable characters and infinite grinding time.”

Jason- “Mass Effect. It’s the deepest game that isn’t so boring that it feels like work and it has infinite replay value.”

Gina- “I don’t know… My favorite game would have to be Fallout 3/New Vegas. I like the free roaming and the ability to pick up weapons and armor and other things that help you through the game and the game play is amazing.”


Strong Island Rob- “Honestly, I didn’t think it would be this difficult to answer my own question. I have been sitting here, thinking about it for about an hour and I just can’t think of one. Aha, I got it! This gem of a game was years and years in the making. The most anticipated shooter to come out in years. My pick is….. Duke Nukem Forever!

Alright, alright! Obviously that isn’t my answer. Bring on the hate mail! After a long time spent thinking about this very question, I have come up with one game that truly defined how far games have come in terms of story-telling and game play. Well, for me at least. This game is Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs has done what no other game had managed to do; mix a great, engaging story with arguably the best game play of any open world title. Personally, the Asian culture mixed with the under-cover cop story grabbed me instantly. Fine-tuned controls in every aspect made playing through the games stellar story a pure joy. The combat not only works well, but is one of the most impressive displays of martial arts seen in a video game. Everything here just feels amazing and blends together perfectly. I find myself often coming back to this title just to compete in the awesome fight clubs for the heck of it. With the rumor of an official sequel in the works, I may be writing an article oddly similar to this one for the next generation.

What is your favorite game of the past generation? Leave a comment below and be sure to follow me on twitter at bobbomb and on Facebook at Robert Sparacino. For everything else on video games and next-gen, keep it here to Structure Gaming.


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