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What’s the Word? What is the Most Shocking Game That You Have Ever Played?



Gore, horror, in-game glitches, plot twists- all of these things can contribute to a shock factor. What one person perceives as shocking may be wildly different than how another feels. Scary images may shock and appall some while others just scoff at the creepy, faceless creature in the dark. Gore can turn the stomachs of even the bravest men and turn them into sniveling children. There are many different ways to define what is truly shocking. I asked friends of the social media to give me their interpretation on what they consider to be the most shocking game and why. Leaving out the context of how they should answer, many were confused, but it ultimately led to some pretty interesting comments.


John- “Burnout Paradise. The reason is because it is complete chaos. People crashing and colliding into each other, it really is chaos.”

Brian- ” Any of the GTAs because of the things that can be done”.

Jessica- “This might sound stupid because it is not a scary game and I do not get scared like that with games, but I played Skyrim and that game scared the sh*t out of me. I’m terrified of spiders lol. I jump and scream every time thinking about a spider that’s about to jump out”.

Chris-  ” The most shocking would be Sniper: Elite to me. Being able to shoot someone and watch an X-ray of their body as a bullet passes through them was amazingly detailed. I’ve shot fingers off, blown apart nut bags and watched a bullet pass through his shoulder and pop out his ass because of my shooting angle.”

Joseph- ” I think Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had to be one of the most shocking games. The part when you’re going through New York City and seeing it destroyed really got to me. I work in the city every day and the imagery was so intense that it was a huge reminder.”


Ok, so no one really chose anything particularly frightening as an experience that was shocking, but there were some answers that were undoubtedly surprising. I would like to share a brief moment that has stuck with me over the years and have given my mind fuel for horrifying nightmares.

I really feel like I should mention Dead Space. The entire game was incredibly shocking to me although  I am not someone who scare easily. Playing through the entire games was one of the most horrifying gaming experiences that I have ever had. This reminded me of when the original Resident Evil games were released. As a young child I could not play for stretches longer than an hour at a time. This feeling came rushing back while playing the original Dead Space. Fear and dread filled my veins as the screams and moans of monsters echoed through the empty corridors of the abandoned space ship, the Ishimura. Terrified? Only a lot. Shocking? Hell yes.

What is the most shocking game that you have ever played and why was is particularly shocking? Post your comments below and share your experiences. Until the next What’s the Word?, keep it locked to Structure Gaming.


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