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What’s the Word? What Does Video Gaming Mean to You, Personally.


Gaming is something that every gamer does for their own personal reasons. Whether it may be for entertainment, to escape into a world that you would not be able to wander otherwise, or to just let off a little steam; video games have their importance. There are many of us that not only play for one reason, but for many. Imagine living the humdrum life of monotony and boredom that includes work, sleeping and little social interactivity. Unfortunately, not many of us have to imagine this because it certainly is a reality. All of a sudden you press start and are instantly pulled into a fantasy world that can extinguish all the stress of a horrible work day, at least for a little while. Again, not everyone has the same feeling towards their gaming experience. I asked friends and readers what video gaming meant to them and below are the best answers that I received. Enjoy as I dig just a little deeper within the gaming community.


Michael Pasqua- “For me video games are the ultimate stress relief”

Tim Biasi- “To me, it’s about escaping. Video games are a virtual world that you can immerse yourself in to forget about the real one for as long as you like. It’s about taking control of the fantastic and impossible and making it possible.”

Greg Valdner- “I see it as a whole other form of malleable media all together. Could be anything from a relaxing dungeon crawl to a stressed out puzzle against yourself. I think of it as less of an escape from reality and more of a dive into imagination.”


I feel that these were the most important and certainly the main reasons for gaming. There is a mass appeal that video games have that other forms of media just don’t. For me, playing video games is a culmination of so many different reasons that I find it difficult to justify only a few. As someone who also struggles with the every day grind of life, games are an escape, a stress reliever, an attention grabber, something that really engages me. With my low attention span I often find it challenging to stick to watching television to pass the time. With video games, the player is almost constantly engaged so there is little chance of actually losing focus.

Lately, the most surprising reason that I play games is for the emotional stimulation that seems to be so prevalent with many more titles as of late. After finishing the final chapter of The Walking Dead by Telltale games, I completely lost my sh*t. I haven’t bawled like that since Titanic. Hey, I was ten. Even fully admitting my love for gore, violence, and destruction, video games can elicit emotions that do not often appear. After playing Journey straight through I was a complete mess, yet again, but in a good way. As tears roll down my cheeks a wave of pure bliss crashes into me like a boulder that is the furthest off shore. I actually enjoy experiencing these moments as they rarely happen, but for a form of digital media to create this feeling? That is truly something special.


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