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Strong Island Rant: Whats’ With the Lack of Originality?

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HD remakes, unoriginal shooters and cookie cutter action games plague the gaming community like no other. I for one, am very sick of playing the same game over and over again with little change to the formula. I will admit that I love me a good action game even if it is a bit repetitive. There is something about kicking a nameless thug in the face or slicing up a foe with sword that seems to never get old. However, the games that sell just so happen to be those cookie cutter shooters or other repeated entry in a triple A series. It seems that developers take advantage of the popularity of their titles to make a quick buck. Many games are suspect to this, but I also want to focus on the games that really try to create an experience rather than something that will appeal to the masses.

First up, how many of you are sick and tired of these big budget triple A titles getting all of the exposure while the little, brilliant indie game waits quietly in the corner? To be fair, indie developers are making more of a name for themselves these days. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be enough to keep the lime light from shining specifically on these bigger titles with the number 2 or 3 in the title. Sequels sell, that’s why there sequels. All too often developers feel that it is quite alright to rehash the same product, but when that rare occasion arrives that a new idea comes to fruition, these developers should be applauded for their efforts. Even if the idea or even the game itself fails, the fact that a developer sees the potential in something completely new and original is inspiring. It shows that developers like Zen or House Marque have the chance to become the next Ubisoft.

I mention Ubisoft because to me they seem like the one developer that truly gets “it”. I mean sure, they rehash the same dancing games and Assassins Creed games yearly, but the success of those titles have made way for more original and ambitious titles. Watch Dogs is one game that is on almost every gamers minds. Ubisoft has a reputation of creating original IPs, but maybe running them into the ground. The Prince of Persia series started out with a brilliant concept and then grew from there. It was not always a success, and they realized that when they rebooted the series with an all new and  fantastic entry into the series a few years ago. Aside from that, there a few more titles that are worth our attentions.

DEVELOPERS!!!  Are you taking note? If so, hurry up with the original ideas and concepts. I cannot be the only who feels this way. I think Sony really understands gamers like myself and millions out there. Their focus on new ideas and working with independent developers really appeals to many. This is where I believe that the future of gaming is shifting. Sure there will always, always be those explosive triple A titles, but with more and more indie games popping up, it seems like the roles may be reversed. Indie titles may become the norm and larger, more grandiose games may appear less frequent. I have no problem with that!

What do you think? Is there a lack of originality with games today? Sound off on the comments below.


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