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World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Appears on Canada’s Xbox Dashboard


Are you a fan of the game Full House Poker? Who hasn’t had the time to check out the game? It seems today that the upcoming game World Series of Poker: Full House Pro has emerged on the Canadian dashboard on Xbox Live. Do you happen to live in the region, or have a gamertag linked? Well you’ll want to get there now since this seems to be a mistake on Xbox’s end.

The download will be 1.10GB and at this time the servers are down in-game. Let’s all face it that when it comes to games that show up early on Xbox Live everyone will be running to download right away and the plus side is the game is FREE. Don’t have the time to jump on your Xbox? Click here and you’ll be taken to Xbox.com to download before they pull it. Enjoy and if the servers come up be sure to comment below so others will know.

Structure Gaming initially learned about the availability after posts on Twitter from many users along with Structure Gaming’s Owner, Qwicksilv3r’s Twitter account (@TXPQwicksilv3r) tweeting that he was playing (via Raptr).

For all of your Full House Pro news, go all in, with Structure Gaming!


Play XBLA has posted more information about the release showing up for the Canadian region of Xbox Live. It has been announced that World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Beta Starts July 29th!

“The game you’ve been waiting for is now about to enter Beta, and you can be a part of it starting as soon as next week! The game will be available to Canadian players with Xbox Live Gold accounts (from the Xbox Dashboard, Bing WSOP: Full House Pro), and the game servers will be live starting Monday July 29th. Once we’ve demonstrated that the servers are stable and handling the initial load, we’ll start slowly letting new players into the game; starting with this Facebook community.

We’ll have additional information on other regions coming soon.”


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