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How Saints Row IV Was Almost an Even Crazier Game.

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Saints Row IV had even more tricks up it’s sleeves, but developers agreed that it was too much.

During an interview with IGN.com, Volition creative director Steve Jaros explains the original vision for the newest Saints Row title, ‘We wanted Stephen Colbert to be the President…I have concept art that’s amazing. It’s Stephen Colbert on a battlefield holding the American flag, his sleeves are ripped off, he’s got a bald eagle tattoo. That’s Steven Jr.” This idea would have been amazing itself, but it seems that Volition has good reason for this omission, “It was badass, but finally it was like, f**k it, you’re the President. Why give it to someone else?” It was ultimately decided to give the player the roll to play as president of the United States, which in my opinion is incredibly cool.

With the success that was Saints Row the 3rd, a final piece of DLC was to be released titled, ‘Enter the Dominatrix’. With the production of this DLC along with the next installment in the franchise, there seemed to be some complications; combining the extra content with a brand-new game proved too difficult for the team. “Merging them was not a drag and drop proposition. There were things we were doing on Dominatrix that just wouldn’t make sense in Saints Row IV,” Jaros explains. “Then even the stuff we wanted to take from Dominatrix to move in to Saints Row IV had to be totally redone because the story wouldn’t make any sense.”

With all of the changes going on, Volition decided to change the cast, Cutscenes and everything story related, “[We] tossed ‘em all, because it wasn’t what we needed… That’s where we’re basing the Director’s Cut DLC on – elements we really liked but didn’t make a whole lot of sense to put them in the game”, states Jaros.


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So, what else didn’t seem to make its way into the main campaign for Sants Row IV?

“I wrote a State of the Union address that was from the point of view of The Rock,” Jaros explains. He also, “really wanted Meryl Streep so badly in Saints Row. I wanted her so badly for this game. There’s a role, I’m not going to tell you what she was going to be, but I think where we ended up is so much of a better joke.”

“We had a gun, and I’m not even s**tting you, that summoned monkeys with hammers.”

Perhaps the most unfortunate omission is something that would appeal to the fantasy nerd in all of us: “Saints Row IV had a dragon.” They had a freaking dragon! There is a promise of future DLC for the forthcoming Saints Row IV and one can only hope that these insane exclusions from the main story campaign make their way to console eventually. Still, after playing through the excellent Saints Row the 3rd, I cannot help but be excited about the possibilities that await players in the 4th installment of a truly insane and entertaining series. Stay locked into Structure Gaming as we eagerly await the release of Saints Row IV this summer.



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