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The Top 10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives




Sony may not be the most popular video game console among gamers, but the Playstation 3 does have a devoted fan base that are as passionate as the rest. With the launch of the PS3, gamers were granted access to a new generation of gaming. Although Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 a year beforehand, the Playstation 3 knew how draw in the fans. With the most console exclusive games from 3rd party developers, Sony knows how to make their fans happy. With the combination of stellar 3rd party and 1st part support, Sony’s PS3 managed to helm some of the best games of this generation. Which console exclusives made the cut? Here is a list of the top 10 Playstation3 Exclusives of all time.


little big planet10. Little Big Planet.

What better way to start the countdown than with Sony’s own friendly, little mascot, Sack Boy and his adventures. What may be Sony’s answer to Mario, Sack boy, the main star of Little Big Planet has created a whole new fan base. Loved by children and adults alike, the Little Big Planet series is home to some great platforming and even better online experiences. The single-player game itself is a charming little endeavor into a whole new world that gamers will not likely forget, but it’s with the game’s multiplayer that truly impresses. ‘Play. Create. Share.’ Those three words are the whole meaning behind the franchise. Players create levels and craft them however they like. While the creation tool may be a little complex for some, anyone can build a level. The more experienced players though, can create levels that rival those of the developer. Little Big Planet deserves its recognition as a respectable platformer, but its amazing creation system is something unique and revolutionary to the world of gaming.


killzone 3

9. Killlzone 3.

The Killzone series has always had its share of fans and haters. The shooting mechanics, the weight that your character seems to carry to provide realistic movement and the jaw dropping graphics were enough reason to make Playstation gamers forget about the latest in the Call Of Duty franchise, well at least for a while. Killzone 3 may not be the favorite among fans, but deserves to be on the list because of what it does to push the series forward. The single player campaign may be nothing to shout about, what with the incomprehensible story and the “bro-dude” dialogue, but the adventure sure was a great deal of fun to play. Killzone 3 manages to change the gameplay style up a bit by throwing in turret sections and vehicles to control such as tanks and jet packs. The gameplay manages to overshadow the confusing story and allows the player to have a blast, literally. Throw in the addition of co-op to the campaign experience and the story mode just gets better. The major upgrade here though is the multiplayer. Gameplay that rivals the COD franchise and the brutal melee attacks from the single player make their way into this game mode. Leveling up, upgrading characters and planning out attack strategies with your friends is fun a very addicting. Killzone 3 has something to offer every FPS fan out there and definitely has us looking forward to the next installment.

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  • McGygas

    Its a tabu, but my fav PS3 game its “Playstation All stars Battle Royale”
    its too adictive and fun, i play it every day

  • Roberto Dias

    Good list, but made a little bit to soon, explaining the absence of The Last of Us

    • Nick Shively

      I definitely agree, but when this post was made most of these were good choices. It’s usually impossible to tell what future games are going to make an impact, since many games don’t live up to the hype.

  • greenGrass

    Demons Souls?

  • http://www.structuregaming.com T.J.

    Solid list