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Walking Dead: Episode 4 Review (PC)


From iffy, potential bargain bin title, to possible “Game of the Year” nominee, TellTales The Walking Dead series has grabbed the hearts of many. The first three episodes took the popular comic books by Robert Kirkman, and created a side story, one that fits into the Walking Dead universe nicely. Episode 4 hit the PC and consoles last week, in a surprise launch that caught most gamers off guard. Rather than waiting two or three months, this episode came out less than a month and a half after the last. But does it live up to the hype, and the heavy expectations laid on it from past successes? Keep reading, and find out!

This episode, titled Around Every Corner, takes place directly after the events of the last episode. *spoiler warning* Last episode we saw Kenny lose not just his son, but his wife as well. We saw a confrontation that led Lily shooting another member of the group, and the group being forced to leave the sanctuary of their motel in search of some place to hunker down. On their journey, they found their path blocked by a derelict locomotive, and as such, commandeered it. Along the way they met Chuck, a homeless guy, and Christa and Omid, two travellers from California now stranded thanks to the end of the world. At the end of the last episode, we saw the group coming into Savannah when Clementine’s walkie-talkie begins to squawk, and a voice comes over the static scarring the hell out of both Kenny and Lee. *end of spoiler*

The group has now left the confines of the locomotive and made their way into the city, trying to get to the coast and acquire a boat. However, danger awaits them immediately as someone rings a bell tower and draws numerous zombies who swarm the group. Ben, the cause of last episodes main drama, is at it again when he abandons Clementine on the street to save his own skin. Thanks to Chuck, the rest of the group is able to escape the horde and find shelter in a nearby house, but not without some digging in the dirt. I won’t spoil it any more for you, but know now that this is by far the best written episode of the series. Kudos go out to former PCGamer Editor Gary Whitta, who kept the story interesting, and with by far the biggest twist at the end of any previous episode.

Some of the locales in this episode include the lake front  where the group tries to find a boat, a closed town called Crawford, the sewers of the Savannah, as well as the streets of Savannah. The group also meets a new person, Molly, who survives on her own using cunning, stealth, and a mountain pick to climb. Two other new characters include Brie, a member of a cancer-survivor group outcast from the town of Crawford, and Logan, the doctor in charge of caring for other outcasts from Crawford.

The speed in which this episode was released was relevant in a few instances. In one, when the group exits the sewers into the town of Crawford, a floating mountain pick can be seen next to the school. Another instance that had me scratching my head happened a little later. Kenny brings in two cans of gas, mentioning how heavy they were. That was the last time we actually see the gas. Much like sticking a shotgun in your back pocket, they had no problem escaping a zombie horde carrying two heavy gerry cans of gas. But aside from that, other than a few framerate issues, this episode ran as well as the last.

If you’re an avid follower of the series, you will most definitely want to grab a copy of Episode 4: Around Every Corner. If you’re new, I’d suggest purchasing a season pass and playing the previous three episodes. This is one episode that will definitely draw you away from the television series, as the story and environment are much more engrossing. Grab a copy, you won’t regret it!


About: Jay Couture

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