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Dishonored (Xbox 360)


Do you enjoy Steam-punk themed items or even games? Well how about a game that is very Steam-punk themed and can be played in many ways? What do I mean by being played in many ways? That’s what you have here with the latest game Dishonored published by Bethesda. Dishonored has many ways of killing someone in the game. Just picture yourself sneaking around and stabbing someone from behind, maybe knocking the NPC out and feeding them to rats. If that wasn’t all the game includes stealthy ways of playing, magical powers, and some hard times. That’s what will make a game fun, right?

What has this game amazing gamers such as myself? That’s what you’re here to find out in this review of Dishonored for the Xbox 360.  Does Bethesda bring in a sleeper hit for the masses?

We start off Dishonored by learning that our main player that has been on a quest to seek help with a deadly plague that has been attacking the city for quite sometime. What is going on with the city? Who knows! Now the player you’ll be playing as throughout the game is Corvo Attano and he’s on his way to meet with the Empress since he’s her bodyguard and close friend. While speaking with the Empress all hell breaks loose as teleporting assassins magically restrain Corvo, kill the Empress and kidnap the daughter of the Empress. I know you must be thinking, what’s going on here? If this was you in real life would you want to make it home and have this happen? No! After a short time the Spymaster, who you will learn more about in game, arrives and has you imprisoned for the crimes committed. I’d love to keep going on with what may be going on but you’ll have to play the game to find out the details. Leaving from it from there Corvo is most likely wondering what happened, who caused this assassination and wanting to clear his name if possible. That’s where we start our epic journey in Dishonored.

Right from the start, whether it’s the prologue or when the story really starts, you’ll be enjoying the game play. I’m a huge fun of steam-punk themed items. I’ve seen Xbox 360 controllers, custom consoles, comics and a few other products. The recently released game created by Arkane Studios brings what nearly every steam-punk fan would like. Why have I said steam-punk quite a bit? Just look at the picture I posted above and tell me that isn’t as steam-punk as you’ll get in a game. Dishonored is based around the 1800’s / early 1900’s in London, though add in the boom of industries around every turn. The game play for Dishonored is not your basic first person title, it’s more of a stab every living thing or simply sneak around without being caught. This is one tough game depending how you play. This brings me to an important part that you’ll need to watch what you do. Why do I say that? Well the story changes as you play. How? That’s a very good question! As you play you’ll be given tasks to kill characters, save them, or do as you wish. By doing these actions the story will change. Let me give you an example: I kill the character I was told to kill even though I could have knocked him out. By killing this character some NPC’s in game might dislike me or enjoy working with me more. In the end you might have a totally different ending to the game. My advice is to try new things as you play to obtain all the endings and story changes within Dishonored. Having this mechanic in the game is very interesting and reminds me what Bioshock did in the past with the little sisters. Games that seem to grab onto that idea always increase the replay value since gamers such as myself would like to see every ending.

The gameplay as I said above is new to me and something I greatly enjoyed. When you first pick up the controller, the controls on how to control Corvo come in fast and that’s what I like. I don’t want to be confused and I want the game to be straight to the point as I play. As you play you’ll also have powers to unlock by finding relics throughout the city. Thinking about sneaking around the entire game and not killing anyone? That’s what the powers will be needed for. When it comes to the graphics of Dishonored I was blown away from the start. Each area I visited you could tell the details were superb and that a lot of time was tasked with making each area vibrant, hard as you play, and dark at times.

As for the audio such as music and acting, I enjoyed it! The acting was spot on and showed emotion when it was needed, the acting in general hit every key point that was needed. An example being that someone was pissed off, feeling as if someone was following, and scared when the killing starts. You don’t want an actor to simply say the lines you want to hear the tone and feeling in the voice of the character and Arkane Studios made sure to hit those marks. When it comes to the musical cues within the game they also hit the marks and hell, till this moment I’m trying to figure out the song at the credits of the game.

Overall, I’d say this game is a hit in my book. If you’re looking for a game that will take some time to beat or something to pass your time Dishonored is that game. Feel like killing things in a stealthy way or being upfront about it in game? Go for it! Just remember what I said above. There will always be changes to the story depending on what you do. Who wants an easy game? Dishonored provides a lot of fun, replay value in the form of playing the game in a different ways each time. On top of that the acting, graphics and how the games is great to look at and of course play. If I had to pick any game recently released to play a lot Dishonored would be it. Still iffy on buying the game? My advice is to rent it and check it out you’ll be sure to want this game after playing.


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